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We arrived to the studio where the interview was going to be shot. It was raining like crazy here and we were lucky not to be caught in bad traffic or anything like that.
"We are so glad you can make it!" A woman ran up to us.
"No problem," Billie said with that lovely smile everyone loves.
The woman help onto her earpiece and sighed, "Okay... well if the rain doesn't stop what will we do? ...I understand."
"Is everything alright?" I asked.
She looked up at me and smiled, "yes, but Ashlynn is running late because of the storm. But don't worry about it um..."
"Yes, sorry, I don't know your names, how unprofessional." She hugged on her clipboard, "Well anyways, follow me." The woman lead us backstage and took us in the dressing room we will be waiting in.
"Well, this is fun!" I said sarcastically.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn..." I continued cursing the whole ride to the studio, I was half an hour late and the show was going to start in an hour! At a red light I shook my fists in the air, "Curse you rain!"
The car honked behind me, I looked back and yelled, "WHAT! The light is RED what do you want ME to do?!"
The light turned green and a zoomed out of there.

I walked around in circles, Mike was flipping through the channels and Billie was eating a baby pretzels that the crew brought in for us.
"God I'm so bored!" I huffed as I landed on the couch.
Mike stopped on a commercial that was being aired. It was of a commercial of the show "Pop Goes Our Culture," the show we were going to appear on in fifty minutes.
The commercial showed clips of the girl Ashlynn being completely silly and doing parodies of different movies, artiest, and shows.
"You know..." Mike started, "she's kind of cute."
I looked over at Mike than back at the TV. It was true, I started noticing the small things in her smile, the way the tip of her nose wrinkled, how one dimple appears on the top of her cheek.
"FINALLY!" I heard someone yell outside our door.
"ASHLYNN!" All three of us looked up and walked over to the door, I opened the door slightly and all I could see was people crowding around Ashlynn.
She was soaked, her hair was dripping with rain water, her gray hoodie was pressed down on her and her jeans were filled with dirt on the ends and she was holding her flip flops in her hands.
Even though she was soaked and almost missed the show, she still had a smile on her lips, "Tee hee," she giggle, "I'm wet." She began to look around, "where's the band?"
"There isn't anytime to think about them, just get in your dressing room and we'll try to fix you up." The woman pushed her to the other room.
Ashlynn poked her head out the doorway and groaned, "I'm hungry."
Mike closed the door and grinned. "Wow."
Me and Billie looked up at him.
"She's something else," he finished.
Billie smiled and looked over at me with a big grin on his face, "She reminds me of you!"
I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch and began to replay everything that just happened.
A couple minutes later a crew member came in the dressing room and told us to follow him.
We followed his orders and followed him. The more we walked, the louder the we heard the audience scream.
Hey guys
I'm sorry about how sucky this chapter is but, I wanted to have the interview on a separate chapter.
But is Tre starting like Ashlynn??? 0.o Dum Dum Dummm...
thanks for reading XD
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